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For as long as I can remember, baking has been a part of my life. My Easy-Bake oven was my creative playhouse as a small child allowing my passion to bloom. I was delighting my family and friends with my desserts as early as ten years of age. For me, baking is simply therapy and a way to balance my world all while sharing my sweets and bringing joy to tastebuds, everywhere. I am a firm believer that the quality of ingredients, matter. Using fresh fruit for textures and a punch of flavor creates a more succulent bite while high-quality ingredients produce a delicious success. I hope you enjoy my baking creations made with love.



When I was a child, I always dreamed of having a family business, because I learned through my family how to pour my heart into our meals. Later, after working for years in the baking
industry, I discovered how to make people’s lives a little sweeter.
I found out that I can share kindness and love through my creations, and that’s what I’m offering today: a variety of Venezuelan food and desserts with the best quality ingredients that
showcase my Venezuelan heritage at its best.
I sincerely hope you all can enjoy our products as much as I enjoy preparing them for you.


Partnering to Create Lemon Yellow Latin Bites

Cris and Tahiti came together to create Lemon Yellow out of a desire and passion to bring a little piece of home in a single bite to those who grew up with these flavors. In addition to providing this familiar comfort food to some, they are also aiming to share a piece of their home and culture with the community of East Texas by introducing their specialty dishes to those who have not experienced them before.

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